By sending us a deposit you automatically agree to all tattoo studio policy terms and conditions written below.
Deposit is required in order to schedule an appointment date.
All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
You can only reschedule your appointment date with 48 hour notice.
If you are being more than 30 minutes late or you cannot attend your appointment your deposit will be forfeited. 
Deposit amount will be based on the total price of the tattoo. 

Appointment policy

We do not copy other tattoo or tattoo designs. All designs will be custom made based on client’s idea.
Final tattoo design will be provided to you on or before your appointment date, depending on how busy tattoo artist is. 
Please, be very specific about your tattoo idea, describe it as detailed as possible to us or our artist.
No major changes can be applied to the design after it has been discussed during the consultation and completed by the artist.

Tattoo Touch up policy

In case if the tattoo needs a touch up after it healed, the price will depend on the size of the tattoo.
Minimum touch up price is equal to $30 plus tax and will increase depending on the size and complexity of tattoo and placement.
***All finger, wrist, elbow, neck, feet, knee and any other tattoos placed on the body joints are not eligible for free touchup.***

Tattoo cosmetics and supplies

All sales are final for all aftercare cosmetics and tattoo supplies. No returns or exchanges.