Gift Cards


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Make a perfect gift to your friends and your loved ones that will stay with them forever.

  • Please note:
    This is a digital gift card that will be delivered via email to you or any other person you indicate in the recipient box.
    This gift card can be redeemed only in store to pay for a tattoo.
    Gift Card cannot be used as a deposit to claim any tattoos.
    To redeem gift card in store, please have an email with gift card number ready when visiting us.

    Digital gift card number can be used only once to pay for tattoo services

    Full amount of a gift card will be withdrawn and cannot be used partially.
    All Gift Cards are non refundable and cannot be exchanged as cash in part or full.
  • Instructions:
    1) Please choose gift card amount
    2) Enter recipient email
    3) Enter your name
    4) Include a greeting, warm wishes or congratulations for a special occasion.
    5) Press [Add to cart]
    6) Go to the cart and follow payment instructions to complete transaction.
    Once payment is placed the recipient will receive an email with gift card number.