Piercing is available Tuesday – Sunday 12pm-7pm
Please call in advance before coming to find out availability

Price list

Lobe(s)______________1/$35, 2/$55
Cartilage/Helix_______ $65
Conch_______________ $65
Forward Helix________ $65
Rook________________ $70
Daith________________ $70
Tragus______________  $70
Faux Snug___________ $90
Industrial____________ $80

Vertical Labret________$65
Snake/Angel Bites____$120

Belly button__________$70

Piercing assistance and jewelry change/removal___$10


***All body piercings are done only with disposable tools/needles in our studio***

Must be at least 18 years old to get a piercing without parent consent.

Please note, that we don’t provide baby or child piercing.

Standard surgical steel Jewelry is included in the price.

***NOTE: Prices listed above does not include taxes***
Piercing is available Monday – Sunday 12pm-7pm
Please call in advance to find out availability

Titanium snap hoop rigns

We have a selection of different size hoop rings for your healed piercings. 
Buy one $10 plus tax
Buy 2 $15 plus tax 

piercing aftercare

Any type of piercing you choose (ear, nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue, navel, chest, etc.) requires special care. By following simple guidelines, you can speed up the healing process of your piercing.

-An important rule that must be observed to avoid infection is that you must not touch the piercing, especially with dirty hands! Wash your hands thoroughly with soap if you need to touch the piercing!
-Change your bed linen and towels. At least once a week.
-Do not twist or pull the earring unnecessarily during the healing period.
-Avoid contact with cosmetic products such as sprays and lotions. Apply them at least one finger away from facial piercings. Make sure you use a clean applicator or sponge. For face and ear piercings, keep your long hair tied back during the healing period. This is especially true for cartilage punctures. Be careful not to snag the piercing when putting on a hat, glasses, etc. Be gentle with the piercing during care procedures.

Try to clean your piercing more often. We recommend doing this 2-5 times a day for 3 weeks with saline solution, then 1-2 times a day for up to 2 months. Use a presoaked saline wipe or sterile saline spray on non-woven sterile gauze as a gentle compress for five minutes. The frequency of wound treatment depends on the conditions in which you are in, as well as on the type of piercing you have done. Do your best to maintain hygiene at home, at work and when you go out!