Silk Way petrolatum cream


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Silk Way is a petrolatum based cream with balanced vitamin complex
Tattoo cream for artists. 

Moisturizes the skin, keeps perfect sliding during the tattoo session.

Pure white consistency doesn’t clog skin pores, easily removed by soap.
No shade, you can work with any pigments not distorting colour perception.
Economical use: emolent component allows to apply a small amount of cream and evenly distribute it on the skin.
Sage extract has intense antiseptic properties.
Actively nourishes and soothes irritated skin.
Vitamin complex actively moisturizes the skin and normalizes cellular metabolism.
Antiphlogogenic, antibacterial, calming effect.
Silk Way petrolatum based cream provides flawless sliding and a mild care – from the first minutes to the last strokes of tattoo.


1) Prepare the required amount of Silk Way for the entire tattoo session.
2) Apply a small amount of cream to skin before applying the pigment. Now you can start the work.
3) Then wipe the remains of cream and ink excess with antibacterial composition.
Repeat the procedure as needed.


Get Silk Way out of the can with a disposable spatula.
You can attach ink caps on the cream to keep them stable during all session.


White Petrolatum, Propylheptyl Caprylate, Sage Extract, Vitamin D, Vitamin E.