Mr. Magic solidifier


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Mr. Magic – powder for instant cleaning.

Crystal super-absorbent converts contaminated water, ink residues or any other solution into a gel-like solid in matter of seconds.

Density of the obtained substance makes it possible to dispose it together with solid wastes.
Able to dense a liquid 100 times more than its own weight.
Protects against accidental spraying, spilling of liquid from the cup and ink caps during disposal.
Sorbent is environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to the environment.
Mr. Magic is absolutely irreplaceable for use at tattoo parlors and especially at conventions, as it makes it much easier to clean up the workspace between sessions.
This product saves time and strength and also allows tattoo artist to focus on the work process.


1. Pour the half cap of powder into contaminated water and residual ink.
2. Wait 1 minute until the water becomes gel.
3. Recycle as solid waste, in accordance with federal sanitary and epidemiological standards for waste management.


Hydrophilic adsorbent